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I have many identities. I’m a South West Australian in my early thirties; a wife; mother; Christian; and student.

But my identity as a writer excites and challenges me most.

I’m unpublished, so I haven’t earned the title of ‘author’ yet. But I know one day I’ll be able to call myself that, too.

Personalities are complex things, and mine seems full of disparities. I’m an introvert with extroverted tendencies. I’m passionate and talk about deep things. Yet I can also act ridiculous, and I laugh easily.

I place great value on the relationships in my life. Nothing will ever be more important to me than those who occupy the closest quarters of my heart. I spend lots of time maintaining my connections.

People intrigue me. Like, really intrigue me. I spend lots of time thinking about people and trying to understand them.

I could read novels all day, every day, and talk about books for millennia. I’m a lover of visual art, music and film – the list is extensive! There’s not much I’m not interested in!

Have fun reading my blog,

Jodie How

9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. So excited to see the blog up and running. I love the bits of your writing that I have read. Looking forward to the next hit. x

  2. Its wonderful to see you blog up and running – you are an intriguing person Jodes and I can’t wait to see your writer’s journey unfold. Congratulations on taking yet another daring step in the ocean! 🙂

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