Pause. Breath. Focus.

I’m currently in the process of re-visioning Motion and Musings. The website is still in its infancy, but already I need to adjust and refine its purpose. While I’m doing that, I’ll be posting up short thought pieces only. The good news is that you’ll get more Motion and Musings posts to read.

I’ve been severely unmotivated of late. It’s not like me at all to be so inactive. I’ve been trying to work out why. I can’t tell if it’s because of my depression or my poor health, or both.

While I’m in this place of lethargy, I’m trying not to feel guilty and I’m trying to talk kindly to myself. I know it’s just a phase and it will pass. I’ll try the best I can for now and be proud of that. And I’ll enjoy a lot more reading while I can’t be bothered to do much else.

How’s your relationship with motivation going? I’d love to hear about how you deal with feeling unmotivated in the comments section below.


Jodie How

Jodie How

Jodie How is a writer who blogs about life, relationships, wellbeing and writing. She aspires to publish both fiction and biographical works.
Jodie How

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6 thoughts on “Pause. Breath. Focus.”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Few folks are this honest and yes a passion for writing can still have down periods. Perhaps write about this. I think writing about the sad the bitter and even lethargy can be great because if you feel it then so will others. Enjoy the whole journey.

  2. Motivation and I have a bit of a forced relationship sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I am pushed into a relationship by a bulldozer, other times like I am being dragged into a relationship by a tow truck. But the best times are when I feel like we are zooming along in a rocket car, having a great time 🙂

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